Swarovski Crystal with Beads

Swarovski Crystal with Beads

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Swarovski genuine crystal round earring.
Seed Beads added a clean and elaborate feel and gave it a luxurious feel.

* Material : Seed Bead, Swarovskid Beads
* Size : about 1.5 cm 



 Read the notice carefully.

* Because it is made in Korea and inspected, exchange or refund is not possible after purchase in Singapore. Please understand.


Instructions to order this product:

All beads are manufactured after ordering.
 With the same design, you pursue your own personal accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and mask chains. Please ask questions about this product below.
Contact us on IG @moggojisg or via email emily.choi3@gmail.com 


All the accessories of Maple Sugar in Korea are handmade.


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