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Item Details: 1 Box, 150g (one sachet 5g x 30sachets)
Manufactured by MANIS
[Improving immunity to against viruses line]

- Strengthen bowel movement
- Improve blood cholesterol
- Reduces body fat by inhibiting carbohydrate synthesis into fat

Dr Fiber Q promotes bowel movement, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, improves body fat to help detoxify, purify the body and promote healthier & lighter you!



Product story and overview

01 Manufacturer
Company has founded to make a quality defecation product.
As defecation product specialized company, company has been keep improving last thirty years. 

02 Development goal
Not only focusing on healthy bowel movements but also targeting body fat reduction.

03 Direction of research 
With healthy dining culture, aims to healthily activate gut microorganisms to produce healthy stool
And improve gut health. 

Product ingredients and description

Main ingredient
psyllium husk (62.5%)

Psyllium husk is a dietary fiber that is processed so that the plantain can eat the husks of seeds,
Its water absorption capacity is 30 times its own weight, and its function is so excellent that it makes a lot of bowel movements even if you eat a small amount 
So that Shortens the time it takes to stay in stomach. Ingredients approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as a health functional ingredient.

Garcinia Cambogia (13.31%)

Garcinia Cambogia that is tropical plants growing in southwestern India which HCA is extracted from the same fruit of mangosteen. 
HCA inhibits the synthesis of remaining carbohydrates into fat, it helps reduce body fat

Subsidiary ingredient

12 kinds of probiotics/enzyme(amylase, protease) / extra plant composition / aloe
Subsidiary ingredients that help intestinal microbial activation and making healthy feces.

Aloe has the disadvantage that it tastes bitter, but it helps bowel movements.



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